How to clean faucet?

Let my faucet always bright as new

Now stainless steel faucet was used at many family,bright polished flashing light when it still new,looked more comfortable.
But a month later, you will find that the surface black, Not only light, but also dirty,and not work with using ordinary detergent simply wash clean, the surface of the stainless steel can not use wire brush the ball,because after the wire brush the ball will leave can not repair the scratches on the surface of stainless steel.
Here you use the simple method of cleaning stainless steel faucet, a few simple steps, you can make our tap again bright.
In order to write this article, I am kept a faucet for a long time not to wash, and so it dirty, I can not stand,
and then start, so that the effect is obvious, you can see clearly.
Stainless steel faucet cleaning method,Preparation kit:
A toothpaste, an old toothbrush, an old silk stocking, an orange peel, a clean cloth and your hands.

1.Take toothpaste in the stainless steel faucet dirty place, with wet toothbrush dipped in toothpaste repeatedly scrub, and then rinse with clean water, dry with clean cloth.
2. Use an old silk stockings to wipe back and forth on the tap.
3.And then use orange peel in the metal surface of the tap back and forth again (orange peel contains acid,can maintain the stainless steel surface), and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth on the OK. At this point you’ll find that the faucet has returned to its former light.

How about stainless steel faucet cleaning method?
The effect is obvious! All go back to the home tap one by one wash it.

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