The European Union plans to ban the use of chrome plated materials from 2024, and will the export of faucets and showers change?

Recently, it was reported that the European Union (EU) has recently proposed a plan to ban the use of chromium plated materials, which is expected to be officially implemented in 2024. The main reason for launching this plan is that chromium plated materials release toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process, which pose a threat to […]

How to remove rust on Sus304 stainless steel faucets?

Stainless steel faucet is a commonly used bathroom equipment in our daily life, with a simple and elegant appearance and strong durability. However, due to different usage environments, stainless steel faucets are prone to rust, which affects the overall aesthetics. So, how to remove the rust on the stainless steel faucet? Next, we will introduce […]

Upgrade your outdoor shower experience with 316 stainless steel!

316 stainless steel outdoor shower faucet is a high-quality faucet with outstanding production technology and advantages. 1.Production process The production process of 316 stainless steel outdoor shower faucets is very strict, generally through the following steps: Material selection: Select high-quality 316 stainless steel as raw material.Smelting: Smelting stainless steel raw materials to obtain pure molten […]

The development trend of 304# stainless steel faucets in 2023

Since the 304# stainless steel faucet was promoted in the market in the 1980s, due to its excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent welding performance, it has become one of the mainstream products in the stainless steel faucet market. In the future, 304# stainless steel faucets will show the following development […]

How Do I remove my kitchen faucet DIY?

When it comes to kitchen maintenance, replacing or removing the faucet is a common task. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or just fixing a leaky faucet, removing the kitchen faucet can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, with the right tools and a few steps, you can easily remove […]

How to choose a faucet water purifier/water filters faucet in 2023?

In fact, the faucet filter has not been born for a long time, because of its simple filtration and cheapness, it has always been well known to the public. At that time, the demand for water purification was very simple, and the filtered water could be drunk directly, but it was expensive at that time, […]