HanCio’s Konwledge Transfer Sanitary Ware,HC(KT) is growing very fast with annual growth of 40%. Our customers are from more than 30 countries in the world, and more and more find us and request to start a cooperation.,HC(KT) has made most of the parts in house, we produce Faucet mixer and Shower mixer and Bathroom Pendant and Bathroom Accessories, the total area of our factory is nearly 3,000 square meters, we have 3 production lines and 40 workers, the monthly capacity can reach 2,0000 pieces.


Brief History of Our Company

July, 2017
Increase 2 production line for business grown up
October, 2016
Built different exhibition show to our clients
September, 2015
HC(KT) to be partner with famous super market
May, 2012
HC(KT) was expended our product area and more.
March, 2012
Automatic production line was built on this year
January, 2011
HC(KT)Sanitary Ware Co., was established
24Fair Show
998Products Design

What They Are Saying

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