How to choose a faucet water purifier/water filters faucet in 2023?

In fact, the faucet filter has not been born for a long time, because of its simple filtration and cheapness, it has always been well known to the public. At that time, the demand for water purification was very simple, and the filtered water could be drunk directly, but it was expensive at that time, it was not very popular.

Therefore, in this context, the faucet filter was born. Now it is actually very simple to buy a faucet water purifier


What is a faucet water purifier and how it works?

The difference between the faucet water purifier and other water purification, the scope of application (do we need it)

Buying points for faucet water purification


What is a faucet water purifier and how it works

The difference between the faucet water purifier and other water purifier, the range of application (do we need it)

Buying points for faucet water purification:

  1. Definition (it is a small ultrafiltration water purifier)

Very simple, it is a micro water treatment device installed on our kitchen or bathroom faucets, that is coarse filtration. the filtration accuracy is limited. If you want to drink directly, you have to boil it. (It must be noted that it is impossible to treat it as a water purifier, after all, the price is there)

  1. Principle

The principle of purifies water is filtration. The faucet water purification on the market which have two levels of microfiltration and ultrafiltration. Their material is also the core of the faucet water purifier’s filtration, and then a pre-net, PP cotton, and activated carbon are added to make up several stages of filtration.

Filter type Microfiltration Ultrafiltration Reverse osmosis membrane Filtration accuracy Large particulate matter Adsorption 1-0.1um 0.1-0.01um 0.5-10nm Main material Front stainless steel mesh PP cotton Activated carbon Ceramic/Metal/Composite Activated Carbon Ultrafiltration membrane Reverse osmosis membrane Large particles such as rust ü ü ü ü ü ü Chlorine etc. û û ü ü ü ü Volatile organic compounds û ü ü ü ü ü Macromolecular organic matter û û ü ü ü ü Colloid û û û ü ü ü Bacteria û û û û ü ü Virus û û û û û ü Scale û û û û û ü Heavy metal û û part û û ü

PP cotton and activated carbon have nothing to say, talk about the core filter element of filtration mainly. And according to the filter element, the new generation faucet water purifier is also derived.


1) The 1st generation of PP cotton, a product that came out in the past few years, also water filters out large particulate matter, and the water quality should be what or what, and it has now been eliminated.

(2) The 2nd-generation ceramic filter element, ceramic is the most natural physical filter material, and its performance is very good, but its precision and volume are limited, one is that it cannot fully absorb residual chlorine, and the other is that it cannot improve the taste, so Many businesses put carbon powder to replace activated carbon, which can reduce costs and allow consumers to accept it.

However, due to the volume of the ceramic filter element, it cannot hold much toner, and it is easy to cause the toner to scatter. In this way, when the ceramic filter element can still filter, the toner is gone, and it will cause 2 times of pollution, which must be separated every few days. Wash it once with sandpaper, so this generation of faucet water purification also have more problems.

(3) The 3rd-generation composite ceramic activated carbon filter element is actually an upgrade on the basis of the second generation. The activated carbon and ceramic filter element are combined, so that the performance is relatively stable, the filtering effect is also increased, and the corresponding problems are relatively small. .

But in the end, the filtration accuracy is limited, bacteria and residual chlorine still cannot be removed particularly cleanly, and there is still a lot of water scale.

(4) The 4-generation ultrafiltration membrane + activated carbon filter element. I think this combination is the top match of the faucet water purifier. The filtration effect catches up with the ultrafiltration water purifier, but the life is short, but it is better than the ceramic filter element. It can not only remove residual chlorine odor, but also filter out bacteria, with strong removal ability.

  1. The role of faucet water purification

Looking at the picture above, you can probably understand that large particulate matter and volatile organic compounds can be removed.

But the most important are two: residual chlorine and odor removal.

The main thing to improve the odor is activated carbon. In fact, if we wash foods and brush our teeth, it will definitely have no effect, but if we want to drink directly, the filtering effect is still very good, and the taste after boiling is indeed different from ordinary water.

home waterfilter
  • Range:

(1) The pre-filter is usually because the water quality of the home is very poor. It is installed with pre-treatment to remove some large impurities. It is used with the end-of-line water purifier, because it can protect the life of the filter element to a large extent and maintain it later. Costs are reduced greatly.

(2) The terminal water purifier, because of its excellent filtering effect and large volume, can drink the water filtered by the reverse osmosis water purifier, and it is not very troublesome to change the core, but the price is expensive and the performance is outstanding. Suitable for every long-term home installation.

(3) As for the faucet filter, combined with the above advantages and disadvantages, here is a summary for you.

  • Needed

Low budget, suitable for rental housing

Easy to carry, can be installed on the faucet when traveling or staying in a dormitory

High requirements for water quality, more peace of mind when washing foods, washing face, brushing teeth, etc.

If you want to drink directly, it is an ultrafiltration filter。

  • not necessary

It is not necessary to pursue higher filtration accuracy

Want to save trouble, because some models need to be cleaned or more troublesome

Long-term stable living at home (how good is it to install a water purifier)

Good water quality is not necessary (TDS value is around 100)


4.The purchase points of faucet water purifier

The larger the volume, the better, because the larger the volume, the better the life and durability of the filter element.

Choose ultrafiltration membrane + activated carbon filter element, the price is not much different, why not choose a better one?


Just look at the specifications first, the filtration method is ultrafiltration, it will no problem basically。

The corresponding filter element with a large volume will not be so small, so the durability and performance of the filter element will be better, and there is no need to change it frequently. And as mentioned above, the combination of ultrafiltration and activated carbon can ensure the quality of filtration. After all, the core of the faucet water purifier is the filter element.

Of course, if you have average water quality requirements, you only need to use it to wash foods and wash your face, without worrying about trouble, you can also choose the faucet filter with the third-generation ceramic composite filter element.


  1. Parameters, net water volume and flow rate

This is for reference only. As long as the filter element is large, the water purification volume will be more. The flow rate is 2L or 3L, which does not affect the original flow rate.


  1. Multi- water purifier in one machine

I see that many of them are made of one machine and several water purifier, they are equipped with several filter elements when they are purchased, so that we can use them directly when we want to change them. It is recommended to buy several more water filters, which is cheaper and more convenient than buying water filters separately.

  1. Material

The material, such as stainless steel and ABS material can be used, as long as it can prevent internal pollution, there is no problem, which is similar to the pre-filter.


In fact, it is very simple to choose a faucet water purifier, so you can buy it according to your own needs. It is very suitable for friends who work outside and rent a house. It is very reassuring to buy one and put it on the faucet especially

As for the installation problem, it is actually very simple, you can learn more about SUS304 filter faucet

you can check this video: how to How to install filter faucet DIY?