2017 Canton Fair

The 121st Canton Fair grand opening at April 15, 2017 Canton Fair is the “China Import and Export Fair” for short, since 1957, has become China’s foreign trade industry, “barometer”. As China’s high-end brand of the Stainless steel faucet industry, HanCio use the Canton Fair as an opportunity to open the international market.

During the Canton Fair, HanCio to hard as steel, but romantic beauty Stainless steel faucet debut, attracting a lot of customers. Coupled with the reputation of the brand in the industry, is to attract a lot of people to consult. HanCio Canton Fair site,came to discuss the project’s new customers from Europe, Middle East, Australia and so on, and on-site turnover of partners up to 30%. According to HanCio total introduction, in the foreign trade team and technical team’s joint efforts, a deep understanding of the concept of cultural life outside the domain, HanCio developed close to Europe and the United States, Australia and other regional products, to win the strength of professional buyers And also with the European first-class customers reached a cooperation agreement! At the same time, many old customers came to discuss new projects, ordering HanCio’s new products. Indeed, among the many brands of Stainless steel faucet, HanCio to the quality of the product reputation, to copy the “European” style. Become a bright spot in this Canton Fair!

2017 Canton Fair of the perfect ending, once again successfully opened the world tour of the HanCio. Consolidate the old customers at the same time, open up new overseas customers, take the HanCio foreign trade an important step. HanCio total after the Canton Fair lead the foreign trade team go to oversea immediately, visit new and old customers, the real landing marketing. HanCio is committed to the development of quality shower room to enter the world thousands of households as the goal, and constantly blaze new trails, to create an international brand!